Thursday, February 28, 2008

FloorPlans Sell Houses! New Testimonies...

Hi All.

Online Real Estate is all about content. And with FloorPlanOnline and an Interactive FloorPlan Tour, you have the MOST robust content for any potential buyer to make that next either calling you for a site visit or making a sale without a physical visit. The proof is in what our customers have to say. Below are a few great testimonies we received this week.

Testimony 1
My listing, which had a website made by FloorPlanOnline, sold to an out-of-town couple. The husband saw the property, but his wife couldn't make the trip. Because she could really "see" the house through the photos and floor plan, they bought the property. It was the only property, out of the 20 they saw, which had a floor plan, and the wife said it was the key feature in her decision-making.
Very best,
Louise Johnston
Prudential Fox and Roach
Philadelphia, PA

Testimony 2
I am on my 6th floor plan/virtual tour, and I have gotten 2 offers w/out the husband seeing the properties, but from seeing my floorplan tour. It is a great tool. I cannot say enough about it. Thank you for your service.
Allison Capone
Century 21 Crown Homes
West Islip, NY

Testimony 3
If you ever need a testimonial, I would be happy to give one! I used your product and I'm not that computer literate. (of course I did it with your help) We sold our ranch in Texas with an ad in Texas Monthly that lead the reader to our web site produced through Floorplanonline. We are convinced that one picture in the magazine would not have been nearly as appealing or would not have resulted in such a quick sale had it not been for your product.
Ken & Joyce Wiesman
Fredericksburg, TX

Testimony 4
I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found FloorPlanOnline. My clients are thrilled with your product. Until I found your company, I had given up on a professional tour. In the past, I have paid for a tour, and took it off the internet due to it showing my listing in a way that did not reflect the home in any way.

Whenever I have called FloorPlanOnline’s customer service with a question, the representative completed what I could have changed myself before I had finished my questions. Your customer service representatives should all be highly commended for their excellent and the highest quality customer service that they give so cheerfully.

I am so grateful that I have found a company that not only delivers an awesome display of my listings with so many options for me as a REALTOR. But, also includes an outstanding staff of customer service representatives.

Warmest regards,
Belinda Trimarchi, REALTOR
Downing-Frye Realty, Inc.
Naples, FL

Testimony 5
I have saved my tour on my PC with the short cut. This is great to use in my presentations. My listing sold to a local and I am sure that the FloorplanOnline helped to convince this couple that they had made the right decision. She kept the MLS tour that I sent to her to show all of her friends since they will not be moving in until April, 2008.
Again thanks so very much for your help! I will continue to use FloorplanOnline.

Dot Jones
Keller Williams Realty South Park
Charlotte, NC

Testimony 6
I use floorplanonline for all of my listings. I can honestly say that it is the single best marketing tool I've ever used.
Jesse KayeKeller
Williams Premier Properties
Summit, NJ

Bonus Testimony on our Customer Care (P.S. Many more like this one...)
I am a new user of FloorPlanOnline and felt like I had to take a minute to tell you of my first experience with your company. My first communication was an email and I received a prompt response. My second communication was prompt and helpful. But as I was implementing my first tour, I was stunned by the kindness and helpful attitide of Tammy in your help department. I don't know her last name, but her extension is #3. I am not great with the computer, but she helped me patiently every step of the way. So many times the words "customer service" mean nothing, but with Tammy it means perfection. Bravo for a company with such a teriffic employee! I will use your product again and I hope I have the opportunity to work with Tammy again.
Pat Harsh
McGraw Realtors
Tulsa, OK

We provide a lot of great tools for you to sell listings and get more of them. My suggestion....Get a laptop and save a tour to your computer (to do so, go to Manage Orders, then click view under Marketing Materials for a way to save the tour) and showcase the tour in real-time at the potential clients house. The offline tour still allows you to see the tour, the video and flyer without the need for Internet access! You will be surprised on how many listings you get!

Best regards,
Kris Cone
CEO, FloorPlanOnline

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Sample Tours

We have created a sample tour page where we showcase some of the unique and interesting tours. Click here to see samples!