Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Embeddable Tours are Here!

We have launched our embeddable tour feature. Right now it is in "beta" form (works but some issues). While we do support 3 different sizes of the embeddable tour, the floorplan image is not optimized for all. That is one fix. The other is for Photo tours, it embeds the photo gallery vs the WalkThru Video. So, we are working on those fixes. You can change the button colors and you can include a button for the full tour, which will give the user all the bells and whistles, including the branded tour with your info on it.

It works basically the same way you embed a YouTube video into a website or blog. So as long as your website supports embeddable objects, you just copy and paste and position your text around it. This blog post shows you how it would look on your blog, for example.

Interactive FloorPlan - Click Cameras for Photos!

As part of the embeddable object tool, we even allow you to change the colors of the buttons and text on the buttons, as well as show or hide the button to the Full Tour. This is great where you want a teaser of the the floorplan or video, but want the user to see the full tour, complete with your branding and contact info.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Buyers Love FloorPlanOnline!

We recently received an email from a potential buyer moving to Rhode Island. She is currently living in Europe where her husband is an Officer. We had to share it with you, because it really shows 1) people are starving for more and better listing content and 2) FloorPlanOnline can provide it for you!
Dear FloorPlanOnline,
I am not a real estate agent, I am simply looking for a house online (I'm currently stationed overseas). I just had to tell you that in my opinion your product deserves 5 stars. Reviewing hundreds of listings the past few months has been challenging to say the least but whenever I come across a listing with your product attached - it's always a more positive experience from a
potential buyer's point of view. Your product takes only a few seconds to download compared to your competitors. If I WERE an agent I'd use your product.

So good job FloorPlanOnline, I wish you continued success.
~ Deborah Alves

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Press Release: Agents Go “Virtually Hands Free” with FloorPlanOnline

For Immediate Release

Agents Go “Virtually Hands Free” with FloorPlanOnline

July 15, 2008 – Today’s Real Estate agents are required to have a strong working knowledge of a wide variety of digital tools in a seemingly decreasing amount of time. The time many agents plan on marketing a listing can get wasted simply loading and stitching photos for a virtual tour. Then there are flyers to design, videos to post and blogs to write – and today’s sellers want it all done with a very high level of quality. From Flyers to FloorPlans, Virtual Tours to Videos - FloorPlanOnline can save agents time, stress and money with “Virtually Hands Free” Premium FloorPlanOnline Tour Products.
“Today’s Agent wants the best for their clients, but there simply is not enough time in the day to manage it all. Even with an assistant, time spent on marketing can spin out of control.” Says FloorPlanOnline CEO, Kris Cone.
Kris Cone, CEO, Michael Rahmn, CTO and Chris Drayer, Central Region Sales Manager, will be demonstrating the exciting “Virtually Hands Free” concepts from FloorPlanOnline at the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco, July 22-25 2008 at Demo Station #D10 on the second floor of the conference.
FloorPlanOnline has a nationwide Service Provider network (available in most metros) that can not only professionally photograph, but measure and create a floor plan rendering from your existing listing. The FloorPlanOnline Production Department then edits the photos, digitally recreates the floorplan rendering and builds the Interactive FloorPlan Tour with outstanding features such as the WalkThru Video, Mapping, Flyers, Viral Marketing and “built-in” tracking and reporting.
The Interactive FloorPlan Tour gives the online viewer the opportunity to see all the key features of the property via a detailed floor plan which names the rooms, gives room dimensions and shows key features. Buyers can click on camera icons in each of the rooms to view the photos or view the “WalkThru” tour of the property – a video set to music from a library of over 200 songs. “Agents should not let today’s technology get in their way” Says Cone. “We really are making today’s online marketing Virtually Hands Free.”
Visit with FloorPlanOnline at Demo Station #D10 at the Inman Connect San Francisco Conference to learn more about this cutting edge technology.
For additional information and to schedule an interview with Kris Cone please contact Chris Drayer, 866-810-3816 x110 or

Monday, July 14, 2008

Press Release: FloorPlanOnline in San Francisco for Inman Connect

For Immediate Release
FloorPlanOnline will Demonstrate At Inman Connect SF Conference
July 14, 2008 - Kris Cone, CEO, Michael Rahmn, CTO and Chris Drayer, Central Region Sales Manager, will be demonstrating the exciting concepts being marketed by FloorPlanOnline to top real estate professionals and real estate companies throughout the North America and the U.K. at the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco, July 22-25 2008 at Demo Station #D10 on the second floor of the conference.
“Today’s buyers demand quality content online, and Interactive FloorPlans allow buyers to click and see individual rooms, space and views as well as room dimensions” says Cone. “Sellers are more likely to list homes with agents who use FloorPlanOnline Tour products”
The Interactive FloorPlan Tour gives the online viewer the opportunity to see all the key features of the property via a detailed floor plan which names the rooms, gives room dimensions, shows key features (windows, doors, stairs, cabinets, etc.) along with photos which have been embedded throughout the floor plan so a photo view is incorporated with the floor plan view. This robust product also gives the viewer a “WalkThru” tour of the property via a video presentation of individual photos, set to music of the agent’s choice from a large library of music with more than 200 songs.
The value proposition of this state-of-the-art tour is further defined by a flyer program which gives the agent a choice from 7 different flyer templates plus the capability of creating their own customized flyer. Adding further value is a mapping system which gives views of the property via a street map, a topographical map and a satellite map. Further FloorPlanOnline offers the outstanding capability of launching a very effective viral marketing program which has been proven to generate more listing appointments, convert a larger percentage of listing appointments into listings and to secure more double-ended transactions from those listings for the agents using the Interactive FloorPlan Tour. All these outstanding features are included in both tour products.
Unlike most tour companies FloorPlanOnline has a large nationwide network of Service Providers who will measure the property, create the floor plan rendering and take professional photos with the Premium level of service. Premium service is available in most major markets and makes FloorPlanOnline Virtually hands free for agents.
Visit with FloorPlanOnline at Demo Station #D10 at the Inman Connect San Francisco Conference to learn more about this cutting edge technology.
For additional information and to schedule an interview with Kris Cone please contact Chris Drayer, 866-810-3816 x110 or

Friday, June 27, 2008

June Testimonies


I want to express my excitement and appreciation for the FloorPlanOnline program. This in my 25th year in real estate and this is one of the most exciting developments that I have seen.

I have very discerning clients who were “blown away” with the program. It presents the subject property in such an elegant way. I can’t decide which part of your program that I like best. I must admit I find being able to click on the cameras in each room is awesome. I also love the way I can chose which music fits the slide show presentation.

I look forward to working with your company many times in the future.
Warm regards,
Diane Williams
Weichert, Realtors
President's Club, PAR Excellence Club
Spring House, PA



The Matthews Team would like to thank you for very effective and professional service that you provide. We truly feel that FloorPlanOnline is a valuable service to our sellers at the listing presentation. It really helps us when we are able to back up what we promise to the sellers. Your company has been part of our success in growing our business and selling our listings. We feel that we get what we pay for and then some. FloorPlanOnline will always be part of our marketing.

Thanks Again,

Tom and Susan Matthews
Keller Williams Realty Partners Inc.
Overland Park, KS


Hi FloorPlanOnline.

We are home owners and our agent Linda Cone of Reece & Nichols used you to create an Interactive FloorPlan Tour for our home. We have a contract on our house as of yesterday - LESS than 30 days from listing our house in a pretty tough real estate market. I am an FloorPlanOnline testimonial. The buyers LOVED the floor plan and called us on Tuesday to inquire about closing dates, etc BEFORE THEY EVEN set foot in the house. They came Tuesday pm and gave an offer that night. I am convinced the FloorPlanOnline Tour helped the buyers find our house, and make an offer, in a very quick fashion.

Now that we are buying a house in Washington, DC, I wish all properties had the FloorPlanOnline tour so my house hunting trips could be much more productive.

Satisfied Sellers
Kansas City, MO

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Photos Help Sell Homes

Here is a recent news article we got from about how more photos sells houses.

While we completely agree with this, we also think the addition of a floorplan makes even more sense and gets you more opportunities for double ended transactions, and more efficiency along the way. Plus, at close to $4 a gallon for gas, think of the gas savings with our "Fuel Efficient Virtual Tour" that shows everything a buyer needs online!!!

Best regards,
Kris Cone, CEO
How Photos Help Sell Homes

Photographs that accompany home listings on the Web or in brochures, newspaper advertisements, flyers, magazine articles, and other marketing materials play a significant role in attracting buyers.

These images serve as the first impression, and buyers often decide whether or not to see a home in person based on their quality and presentation.

Research reveals that the more photos a listing has, the quicker it sells. A property with a single photo spent 70 days on the market (DOM) on average, while DOM fell to 40 with six photos, 36 with 16 to 19 photos, and 32 with 20 photos. Additionally, listings with one photo sold for 91.2 percent of the original price, while homes with six or more sold for 95 percent of the original price.

The photos to be used in an agent's marketing materials should be taken by a professional, with experts noting that sellers will recoup the costs of professional photos if their homes sell faster and at a higher price.

Source: RISMedia, Gar Benedick (04/01/08)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Corporate & Sub Account Support

Did you know that you can easily create a corporate account and add unlimited sub-accounts to the corporate account, all for FREE? This feature is great for:
  • Companies with an adminstrator that does order input, MLS management and linking on behalf of agents
  • Companies that want to pay for all tours and have consistent branding
  • Agents that work with a partner and you want to have individual accounts and a co-listing account
  • Builders & Sub Divisions where you want different branding for the tour for each builder or sub division. For example, if you work with builders, we can make your account a corporate account and create sub accounts for each builder or sub division you represent. Each can have different logos and contact info!

This account feature allows you to login to the corporate account and place orders and manage tours for all tours in the family tree. To place an order for a sub account, just select the drop down at the top of the Property Detail page and select the right account.

Each sub account also gets its own Featured Listing again, great for builders or sub divisions - just link the FloorPlanOnline Featured Listing Page on other websites for a FloorPlan Gallery!

If you already have an existing account, you can send an email to and we can change your account type. Once your account is a corporate account, you can add sub accounts by clicking on the Manage Sub Account link on the lower right from the Main Menu.

If you do not have an account, you can create a corporate account first, and then add sub accounts.

Good luck and Happy FloorPlanning!

Kris Cone

Thursday, February 28, 2008

FloorPlans Sell Houses! New Testimonies...

Hi All.

Online Real Estate is all about content. And with FloorPlanOnline and an Interactive FloorPlan Tour, you have the MOST robust content for any potential buyer to make that next either calling you for a site visit or making a sale without a physical visit. The proof is in what our customers have to say. Below are a few great testimonies we received this week.

Testimony 1
My listing, which had a website made by FloorPlanOnline, sold to an out-of-town couple. The husband saw the property, but his wife couldn't make the trip. Because she could really "see" the house through the photos and floor plan, they bought the property. It was the only property, out of the 20 they saw, which had a floor plan, and the wife said it was the key feature in her decision-making.
Very best,
Louise Johnston
Prudential Fox and Roach
Philadelphia, PA

Testimony 2
I am on my 6th floor plan/virtual tour, and I have gotten 2 offers w/out the husband seeing the properties, but from seeing my floorplan tour. It is a great tool. I cannot say enough about it. Thank you for your service.
Allison Capone
Century 21 Crown Homes
West Islip, NY

Testimony 3
If you ever need a testimonial, I would be happy to give one! I used your product and I'm not that computer literate. (of course I did it with your help) We sold our ranch in Texas with an ad in Texas Monthly that lead the reader to our web site produced through Floorplanonline. We are convinced that one picture in the magazine would not have been nearly as appealing or would not have resulted in such a quick sale had it not been for your product.
Ken & Joyce Wiesman
Fredericksburg, TX

Testimony 4
I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found FloorPlanOnline. My clients are thrilled with your product. Until I found your company, I had given up on a professional tour. In the past, I have paid for a tour, and took it off the internet due to it showing my listing in a way that did not reflect the home in any way.

Whenever I have called FloorPlanOnline’s customer service with a question, the representative completed what I could have changed myself before I had finished my questions. Your customer service representatives should all be highly commended for their excellent and the highest quality customer service that they give so cheerfully.

I am so grateful that I have found a company that not only delivers an awesome display of my listings with so many options for me as a REALTOR. But, also includes an outstanding staff of customer service representatives.

Warmest regards,
Belinda Trimarchi, REALTOR
Downing-Frye Realty, Inc.
Naples, FL

Testimony 5
I have saved my tour on my PC with the short cut. This is great to use in my presentations. My listing sold to a local and I am sure that the FloorplanOnline helped to convince this couple that they had made the right decision. She kept the MLS tour that I sent to her to show all of her friends since they will not be moving in until April, 2008.
Again thanks so very much for your help! I will continue to use FloorplanOnline.

Dot Jones
Keller Williams Realty South Park
Charlotte, NC

Testimony 6
I use floorplanonline for all of my listings. I can honestly say that it is the single best marketing tool I've ever used.
Jesse KayeKeller
Williams Premier Properties
Summit, NJ

Bonus Testimony on our Customer Care (P.S. Many more like this one...)
I am a new user of FloorPlanOnline and felt like I had to take a minute to tell you of my first experience with your company. My first communication was an email and I received a prompt response. My second communication was prompt and helpful. But as I was implementing my first tour, I was stunned by the kindness and helpful attitide of Tammy in your help department. I don't know her last name, but her extension is #3. I am not great with the computer, but she helped me patiently every step of the way. So many times the words "customer service" mean nothing, but with Tammy it means perfection. Bravo for a company with such a teriffic employee! I will use your product again and I hope I have the opportunity to work with Tammy again.
Pat Harsh
McGraw Realtors
Tulsa, OK

We provide a lot of great tools for you to sell listings and get more of them. My suggestion....Get a laptop and save a tour to your computer (to do so, go to Manage Orders, then click view under Marketing Materials for a way to save the tour) and showcase the tour in real-time at the potential clients house. The offline tour still allows you to see the tour, the video and flyer without the need for Internet access! You will be surprised on how many listings you get!

Best regards,
Kris Cone
CEO, FloorPlanOnline

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Sample Tours

We have created a sample tour page where we showcase some of the unique and interesting tours. Click here to see samples!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Create Area Tours

Did you know you can easily create an area tour and add it to your tours? Just go to for an example.

With Area Tours, you can show your customers and prospective clients that you are the local expert. Easily create a virtual tour of any area you want! The tour can be a Photo Tour or upgade to use a map, plat map or illustrated graphic that would show in the spot of the floor plan with clickable photos. We can even buy a vanity domain for you to further customize the tour.

Here is how to get started - Just follow these steps:

1. Login at and select Place Order, then select:

  • Interactive FloorPlan option if you would like to place an aerial photo, text map or plat map in the floor plan area on the right side of the tour. We will use an aerial photo as is, and redraw certain maps, as requested (please be aware of any copyright issues). These items will show in the floorplan area with photo spots to highlight points of interest. You can have multiple views: aerial, plat map, golf course map, 4 season views, etc. Just tell us on the Comments/Special Request section your specific requests. Flat rate cost of $59 for 12 months and can be renewed for $29/year.
  • Interactive Photo Tour option if you just want photos for the Area Tour. Cost is $29 for 12 months and can be renewed for $29 each year thereafter.

2. For the service option, select Basic. At this time, we do not have full service available for Area Tours.

3. Complete the order form. In the Listing# field, type in the text you want to call this tour. For Example, SeattleTour. Complete the information as applicable (you do not need to complete all fields). The address of the property should be the city hall address or some other central address for the area – this will be the map spot.

4. Upload files. Once you confirm the order, you can upload photos, maps, plat maps, etc. We will redraw the plat maps and hand drawn sketches, etc. Please provide instructions on what you want done in the comments section on the upload files page. Save time by uploading all files at once – just click the help button on the file upload page to see how. Once we have all of your materials, we will produce your tour, typically within 1 business day.

5. Linking the Area Tour to each property tour. Each tour comes with its own custom website address using a domain we own called – so your Area Tour website address will be where xxxx is the order id. See Manage Orders for your order IDs for each tour. To link an Area Tour to a property virtual tour, input the Area Tour website address (updated for your order ID) in the More Info URL section at the bottom of the order form.

If you have more than one Area Tour, you just need to type in the correct Area Tour link (e.g. on an order by order basis. If you have a “vanity” domain name, just type that in the More Info field. You can edit existing orders by going to Manage Orders, then clicking on the edit link under the Order Form column. When someone clicks on More Info, it will open up the Area Tour.

6. Change More Info button to Area Tour button. Upon request, we can change the More Info button to an Area Tour button. The Area Tour button looks like the image for this article.

Please note - this change will be effective for the entire account. If you have virtual tours that will not have an Area Tour, we will need to create a sub account (free) of your main account and move the tours with Area Tours to the sub account (or move tours that will not have an Area Tour to the sub account…which ever is less work). Alternatively, you can create as many Area Tours as needed so all of your virtual tours could have an Area Tour! To request the Area Tour button, just send an email to with your customer ID (on right hand side when you are logged in) or one of your order IDs that is an Area Tour. We will make the change in the system for you.

7. Vanity Domain Name. We can create a vanity domain name for your Area Tour as well, like the example. Just go to Manage Orders, then select the link under Tour Upgrades for your Area Tour and select the Order button for Vanity Domains. Now you can be the expert for your area by adding these area tours to your website to show people how you are the local expert! Note you can request this for property tours too!

Please Note. We are working on an official product for Area Tours that will have more functionality…but we wanted to show you how you can do it today. Stay Tuned!

realPING Added to Tour!

realPING and FloorPlanOnline® have joined forces to help bring you Leads Where They Happen...While they are viewing your tour and their interest is at it's peak.

FloorPlanOnline® has just added the realPING call back feature option to your profile and the virtual tour - so now, people can contact you by phone with just CLICK and they will be connected directly to the phone number of your choice. The call is FREE to them and included in your monthly realPING service fee. We love this product! click here for a sample - see the contact area or the Contact Us button.

Here are some of the features:

  • A Prominent "Call Me Now" button on your virtual tour.
  • The ability to send web pages and files directly to the consumer's computer using your cell phone.
  • Set your hours of business by turning your "Call Me Now" button off allowing people to still email and text you so you always know who is trying to contact you.
  • Caller details texted and emailed after a completed call.
  • Unlimited use of the realPING service anywhere you market online including your email!

If you're already a realPING subscriber, just add your id number to your profile on your FloorPlanOnline account at no additional cost. To do so: Login, select Change Profile on the lower right, then add your realPING ID and hit save at the bottom. It’s that simple!Not a Subscriber Yet?.....Through our special negotiated price, realPING is offering a discounted rate to get you started on you new realPING account.

Click Order Now and get started on this amazing technology plus save some money - $10 off the $49 set up fee and $9 off your quarterly fee.Remember, you can use it ANYWHERE you are promoting yourself online including your emails, personal and Broker websites, property pages and now....Your FloorPlanOnline tours. realPING isn't just a Real Estate related product, although it does suit our industry quite well, it can be used on any online marketing tool. Think about other businesses you or your friends and family may have. Having the ability for people to call you by just clicking a button is exactly what your business needs.

Don't know what realPING is? Click Here and find out how this tool can help you make more money!!!