Friday, January 25, 2008

Create Area Tours

Did you know you can easily create an area tour and add it to your tours? Just go to for an example.

With Area Tours, you can show your customers and prospective clients that you are the local expert. Easily create a virtual tour of any area you want! The tour can be a Photo Tour or upgade to use a map, plat map or illustrated graphic that would show in the spot of the floor plan with clickable photos. We can even buy a vanity domain for you to further customize the tour.

Here is how to get started - Just follow these steps:

1. Login at and select Place Order, then select:

  • Interactive FloorPlan option if you would like to place an aerial photo, text map or plat map in the floor plan area on the right side of the tour. We will use an aerial photo as is, and redraw certain maps, as requested (please be aware of any copyright issues). These items will show in the floorplan area with photo spots to highlight points of interest. You can have multiple views: aerial, plat map, golf course map, 4 season views, etc. Just tell us on the Comments/Special Request section your specific requests. Flat rate cost of $59 for 12 months and can be renewed for $29/year.
  • Interactive Photo Tour option if you just want photos for the Area Tour. Cost is $29 for 12 months and can be renewed for $29 each year thereafter.

2. For the service option, select Basic. At this time, we do not have full service available for Area Tours.

3. Complete the order form. In the Listing# field, type in the text you want to call this tour. For Example, SeattleTour. Complete the information as applicable (you do not need to complete all fields). The address of the property should be the city hall address or some other central address for the area – this will be the map spot.

4. Upload files. Once you confirm the order, you can upload photos, maps, plat maps, etc. We will redraw the plat maps and hand drawn sketches, etc. Please provide instructions on what you want done in the comments section on the upload files page. Save time by uploading all files at once – just click the help button on the file upload page to see how. Once we have all of your materials, we will produce your tour, typically within 1 business day.

5. Linking the Area Tour to each property tour. Each tour comes with its own custom website address using a domain we own called – so your Area Tour website address will be where xxxx is the order id. See Manage Orders for your order IDs for each tour. To link an Area Tour to a property virtual tour, input the Area Tour website address (updated for your order ID) in the More Info URL section at the bottom of the order form.

If you have more than one Area Tour, you just need to type in the correct Area Tour link (e.g. on an order by order basis. If you have a “vanity” domain name, just type that in the More Info field. You can edit existing orders by going to Manage Orders, then clicking on the edit link under the Order Form column. When someone clicks on More Info, it will open up the Area Tour.

6. Change More Info button to Area Tour button. Upon request, we can change the More Info button to an Area Tour button. The Area Tour button looks like the image for this article.

Please note - this change will be effective for the entire account. If you have virtual tours that will not have an Area Tour, we will need to create a sub account (free) of your main account and move the tours with Area Tours to the sub account (or move tours that will not have an Area Tour to the sub account…which ever is less work). Alternatively, you can create as many Area Tours as needed so all of your virtual tours could have an Area Tour! To request the Area Tour button, just send an email to with your customer ID (on right hand side when you are logged in) or one of your order IDs that is an Area Tour. We will make the change in the system for you.

7. Vanity Domain Name. We can create a vanity domain name for your Area Tour as well, like the example. Just go to Manage Orders, then select the link under Tour Upgrades for your Area Tour and select the Order button for Vanity Domains. Now you can be the expert for your area by adding these area tours to your website to show people how you are the local expert! Note you can request this for property tours too!

Please Note. We are working on an official product for Area Tours that will have more functionality…but we wanted to show you how you can do it today. Stay Tuned!

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