Friday, January 25, 2008

realPING Added to Tour!

realPING and FloorPlanOnline® have joined forces to help bring you Leads Where They Happen...While they are viewing your tour and their interest is at it's peak.

FloorPlanOnline® has just added the realPING call back feature option to your profile and the virtual tour - so now, people can contact you by phone with just CLICK and they will be connected directly to the phone number of your choice. The call is FREE to them and included in your monthly realPING service fee. We love this product! click here for a sample - see the contact area or the Contact Us button.

Here are some of the features:

  • A Prominent "Call Me Now" button on your virtual tour.
  • The ability to send web pages and files directly to the consumer's computer using your cell phone.
  • Set your hours of business by turning your "Call Me Now" button off allowing people to still email and text you so you always know who is trying to contact you.
  • Caller details texted and emailed after a completed call.
  • Unlimited use of the realPING service anywhere you market online including your email!

If you're already a realPING subscriber, just add your id number to your profile on your FloorPlanOnline account at no additional cost. To do so: Login, select Change Profile on the lower right, then add your realPING ID and hit save at the bottom. It’s that simple!Not a Subscriber Yet?.....Through our special negotiated price, realPING is offering a discounted rate to get you started on you new realPING account.

Click Order Now and get started on this amazing technology plus save some money - $10 off the $49 set up fee and $9 off your quarterly fee.Remember, you can use it ANYWHERE you are promoting yourself online including your emails, personal and Broker websites, property pages and now....Your FloorPlanOnline tours. realPING isn't just a Real Estate related product, although it does suit our industry quite well, it can be used on any online marketing tool. Think about other businesses you or your friends and family may have. Having the ability for people to call you by just clicking a button is exactly what your business needs.

Don't know what realPING is? Click Here and find out how this tool can help you make more money!!!

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