Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Corporate & Sub Account Support

Did you know that you can easily create a corporate account and add unlimited sub-accounts to the corporate account, all for FREE? This feature is great for:
  • Companies with an adminstrator that does order input, MLS management and linking on behalf of agents
  • Companies that want to pay for all tours and have consistent branding
  • Agents that work with a partner and you want to have individual accounts and a co-listing account
  • Builders & Sub Divisions where you want different branding for the tour for each builder or sub division. For example, if you work with builders, we can make your account a corporate account and create sub accounts for each builder or sub division you represent. Each can have different logos and contact info!

This account feature allows you to login to the corporate account and place orders and manage tours for all tours in the family tree. To place an order for a sub account, just select the drop down at the top of the Property Detail page and select the right account.

Each sub account also gets its own Featured Listing again, great for builders or sub divisions - just link the FloorPlanOnline Featured Listing Page on other websites for a FloorPlan Gallery!

If you already have an existing account, you can send an email to and we can change your account type. Once your account is a corporate account, you can add sub accounts by clicking on the Manage Sub Account link on the lower right from the Main Menu.

If you do not have an account, you can create a corporate account first, and then add sub accounts.

Good luck and Happy FloorPlanning!

Kris Cone