Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Embeddable Tours are Here!

We have launched our embeddable tour feature. Right now it is in "beta" form (works but some issues). While we do support 3 different sizes of the embeddable tour, the floorplan image is not optimized for all. That is one fix. The other is for Photo tours, it embeds the photo gallery vs the WalkThru Video. So, we are working on those fixes. You can change the button colors and you can include a button for the full tour, which will give the user all the bells and whistles, including the branded tour with your info on it.

It works basically the same way you embed a YouTube video into a website or blog. So as long as your website supports embeddable objects, you just copy and paste and position your text around it. This blog post shows you how it would look on your blog, for example.

Interactive FloorPlan - Click Cameras for Photos!

As part of the embeddable object tool, we even allow you to change the colors of the buttons and text on the buttons, as well as show or hide the button to the Full Tour. This is great where you want a teaser of the the floorplan or video, but want the user to see the full tour, complete with your branding and contact info.